The collection was inspired by the wish that people experience again the playful side of life. The magic cube was chosen to represent this wish because of Ana´s memories of her son playing with it. He would be so absorbed in the cube movements that nothing disturbed him. He enjoyed playing and having fun. Ana believe that we, as adults, should find time to do the same.



Collection inspired by the Concrete Art Movement which has two main characteristics in the visual arts: precision in the form and influence of Cubism. It is an art free of observing the reality. There is nothing more concrete for this movement than a line, a plan and a color.



The Horizon collection was inspired in Ana´s birth city, Belém do Pará, Brazil. It is a sunny place  with beautiful flora and colorful canoes in its wide rivers. Three elements were chosen to represent this collection: the SUN, the TREES and the CANOES. Ana has a loving connection with her birth place which is full of nature and life!